Product information

Legacy products (remain available, but not recommended for new customers):


Web-Version (recommended)

Online Users Manual


Irinos Users Manual, Rev D

Irinos-Tool Users Manual, Rev A

MscDll Reference Guide, Rev C

Software / Firmware

Test and setup software

Irinos-Tool V2.4.0.15

Current firmware files


IR-MASTER V1.8.0.17

IR-TFV V1.9.0.29

IR-INC V2.1.0.5

IR-AIN V1.9.0.15

IR-DIO V1.8.0.12

IR-HMI1 V1.8.0.10

IR-TEMP V1.9.0.10

Older versions are available on request.

Demo applications

for the MscDll

Delphi XE3 V1.0.2.4

Visual C++ 2010 V1.0.2

Visual Basic 2010 V1.0.0

Visual C# 2010 V1.1.0


3D-Models (STEP files)

packed ZIP file